Enterprising Women Giving Circle Scholarship Fund

Enterprising Women Giving Circle

Supporting Women Through Scholarships

The vision of the Enterprising Women Giving Circle (EWGC) is to harness the power and potential of women to advance in their career and better provide for themselves. Through extensive fundraising the EWGC has created a scholarship fund to help women who need just a little more invested in them. The EWGC impact scholarship fund & mentoring is available for women who:

  • have a plan (life plan, career plan, housing plan, savings plan)
  • are eager for mentoring
  • have an employment goal, and the request for funds directly impacts this goal
  • can demonstrate a growth mindset
  • have a skill set that she would like to develop or enhance
  • If dealing with a substance abuse issue, is in the recovery process or receiving treatment

Women who apply for a scholarship may also be experiencing, or have experienced:

  • unemployment and need to re-tool to enter the workforce
  • divorce and a limited employment history
  • homelessness resulting from lack of employment or underemployment
  • domestic violence leading to situational homelessness; unemployment
  • single parent household, unemployment or underemployment

To apply for for a scholarship, please send an email to Elsa Erickson at: Elsa.Erickson@bayaudenterprises.org.