Employment Matters

We help you get there.

Who we Serve

  • People Seeking Employment
  • People with Disabilities
  • People struggling with Homelessness

Denver Day Works

  • Must be at least 18
  • Experiencing Homelessness
  • Seeking Employment

What to Expect:

When you call us you will be set up with an intake appointment at a time that is convenient and accessible to you. When you come to that appointment your income qualifications will be verified and we will talk with you in a relaxed environment to better learn how we can help you and what programs and services you qualify for. 

Employment Services

Assessment / Evaluation

Do you wonder what kinds of jobs match your skills? What job or career might be best for your needs, hopes and wants?

Assessment can help define your skills, explore your hopes and wants and match you to a job or path that meets your needs.

Work Adjustment / Work Experience

If you are not quite ready or have had some negative experiences in the work world, a Work Adjustment or Work Experience may be the program for you. You will work temporarily, with Bayaud’s supervision, and you will be paid for your work and given feedback regarding the things you do well, and the things you might need to polish up. You may work in the community at a job site or at Bayaud’s main building or in one of our social enterprises.

This is usually a 3-month program that helps get you into work-mode and gives you recent work experience to report on a resume.

Career Center Training

Do you need training for computer skills, or a brush up on the skills you have? The Career Center at Bayaud has training on all Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point) and QuickBooks by Intuit. We also provide Customer Service training.

Job Search and Placement Assistance

We have several Employment Specialists who will work with you as you begin, or continue, your job search. They will encourage and teach you to job hunt with great results! You can find help with creating an up to date resume, completing on-line applications, setting up an email account, getting the interviews, practicing for them, and writing thank you notes after.

You can use the Career Center computers to do your job search if you like.

Support On the Job

Once you have a job, Bayaud can support you in whatever ways you need. Perhaps it is to help you learn the job and establish a routine. You may want help dealing with stress, time management or conflict management on the job. We offer Job Coaching to help with these types of situations. Or you may qualify to be employed in one of our Supported Employment sites where a supervisor is available to you at all times to offer support for your disability-related difficulties on the job.

Support Services

Connecting with a Community Resource Navigator can help you and your family access social services and other community resources that are available to you. We know that identifying which benefits and services you might qualify for can be difficult. Understanding where to go, how to fill out complex applications and follow all the timelines can be confusing and overwhelming.  Our Community Resource Navigators are here for you, to provide information and support in order to improve your access to these programs and services and ease the process. A Navigator serves as a one-stop information and referral resource to the many programs available in our community.