For Immediate Release
July 27, 2018
Contact: Elayna Alexandra
303-830-6885 ex 245

Bayaud Enterprises signs a six month contract to expand provided contract services at the new VA hospital

Denver, CO – Bayaud Enterprises announced today that it has expanded its contract at the VA hospital to include Way Finder Services in addition to Mail Room Operation Services, Patient Transport Services and Call Center Management Services.The VA Mailroom Operation is our longest standing contract at twenty years.

Bayaud Enterprises offers contracted services for many businesses and organizations in and around Denver, CO. Bayaud most commonly does this through a federal set aside program called AbilityOne which is managed by Source America, which is a program that provides opportunities for individuals who have significant disabilities.

We are excited to provide Way Finding Services at the new VA Hospital campus. Our coverage will be from 6am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday at the main entrances. This will provide 8 full time equivalent  positions that we staff in ways to accommodate individuals needs for adjustable work schedules.

This is a six month contract that we hope to be able to renew. Bayaud Enterprises welcomes opportunities to provide contracted services. Please contact us with your needs.

For over 50 years Bayaud Enterprises has been an innovator in the community in reducing barriers for individuals in order for them to engage in the workforce and in the community.