This year we are celebrating Bayaud’s 50 years of service to the Denver community. These years have been characterized by innovation, growth, passion, risk taking, and adherence to our mission. Now we look ahead to our next 50 years, and we are excited about our future. These plans include continuing to expand our programs in the areas of job creation, skills based training, and wrap around services to help
individuals move toward self-sufficiency and independence.

We will maintain our culture of being a learning organization and foster leadership that will help Bayaud serve others in vital ways. From the creation of Bayaud in 1969 we recognized that our sustainability would be built on a three legged stool: the private sector, where the majority of employment opportunities exist; the government sector that enacts public policy and has opened the doors for individuals with disabilities; and the nonprofit sector through philanthropy and volunteerism. These will continue to be important to Bayaud’s future.

To download or view the PDF version of our Timeline, Click Here.

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