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Bayaud Works

Bayaud Works was established in 2020 in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It began with staffing and operating emergency shelters and protective action sites in the Denver Metro area. As the pandemic evolved so did the services that Bayaud Works offers.

We currently provide commercial janitorial services, security services, carpet cleaning, and pest control services in addition to the services that are offered through BEST, our temporary staffing services.

Bayaud Works plays an integral part in supporting the organization’s mission. We match applicants with opportunities where they can excel and remain fully committed in the mainstream of life.

All employees of Bayaud Works are trained in CPR, Mental Health First Aid, CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Trauma Informed Care and Narcan.

For more information contact Bayaud Works at 720-731-6129.

BEST (Bayaud Enterprises Staffing Team)

BEST is a temporary staffing service that works with employers to help staff their open positions on an as-needed basis.


We offer commercial cleaning,  residential unit deep-cleans, construction clean-up, and basic Day Porter services.

Unarmed Security

We provide unarmed security for small business and events.

Carpet Cleaning

We provide multi-unit and commercial carpet cleaning services at a lower cost than most other carpet cleaning services.

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To provide employment opportunities to individuals affected by the early days of the pandemic, BEST was created and has now evolved to include employer staffing and temporary positions for shelter services, grounds keeping, unarmed security, janitorial services, transportation and delivery services, and many more.

Looking for business solutions?

Is your business committed to diversity, inclusion, and community building? Are you looking for quality resources or solutions?

Our solutions range from operations management to outsourcing a department or service or simply supplementing your current internal staffing through contracted positions at a billable hourly rate. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

If you are looking for staffing services, please contact or 720-731-6129.

Looking for temporary employment? 

Are you are looking for work but have small barriers such as children, school, another job, background issues, etc. BEST is a great place to start as we as we work with you to help overcome barriers to employment. 

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Janitorial Services

A well-maintained property makes the right impression, improves employee efficiency, and protects a valuable asset. We have provided quality, cost-effective janitorial and grounds maintenance services to governmental agencies and businesses throughout Colorado for over 20 years.

We offer services such as commercial cleaning, residential unit deep cleans, construction clean-up, and basic Day Porter services. Bayaud Works’ janitorial team takes pride in the work we have done over the years. When using our janitorial services, you can expect the following:

  • Industry best practices – Cutting-edge best practices in custodial and grounds maintenance. Examples include strategic work loading according to ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Association) time study standards and utilization of Clean Telligent software.
  • Service legacy – Bayaud has over 24 years of providing top-notch custodial services. With 5 years specifically in janitorial services, grounds maintenance, pest control, landscaping, and snow removal.
  • Proven Subcontractor Management –Effective ability to select and manage suppliers and vendors.
  • Comprehensive Training Programs –Employees are extensively trained, and ISSA certified.

EMPLOYERS: If you are looking for staffing services, contact or 720-731-6129.

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Unarmed Security

In May 2021, Bayaud Works established a Safety Patrol (Security Guard) business in response to the COVID- 19 pandemic. We provided unarmed security for Covid-19 testing sites at Dicks Sports Field and Ball Arena. We have since secured other contracts at shelters, small businesses, and for events. We also have trained and licensed guards for other companies. Our past performance has involved 28 merchant guard licensed personnel in 2021.

All guards are trained through Defincify and are licensed through the State of Colorado. In addition to the trainings already provided to Bayaud Works employees, guards will be starting a situational awareness training soon.

For more information contact 720-731-6653.

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Carpet Cleaning

Bayaud Works started its commercial carpet cleaning business in 2022. We provide hot water extraction and use top-of-the- line, environmentally friendly products. We guarantee response to quote requests within 48 hours and have the capacity for immediate scheduling. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

Our qualified supervisor will inspect any size project from one room to an entire building. Pricing starts at $.50/sq. ft.

If you are looking to contract our carpet cleaning services, contact or 720-731-6129.