Mailroom Management

Bayaud’s successful history of managing on-site mailrooms has made us leaders and specialists in back-office systems.  Through our experience, we have mastered the technology, products, operations, quality control, and customer service required to run efficient and secure mailrooms.  We can ensure customer privacy, document security and control, and outstanding turnaround time.

We provide the staffing and service excellence to offer the following mail services:
  • Manage Mailroom Operations
  • Incoming mail sorting, processing and distribution
  • Secure mail screening
  • Certified Mail delivery and tracking
  • Assist with bulk mailings
  • Package shipping, receiving and tracking
  • Arrange courier and messenger services
Our technology and collaborative business relationships provided added value:
  • Web-based control for the management and tracking of parcels
  • Business partnerships with USPS/FedEx/UPS and ability to offer competitive postage rates
  • Full reporting on volume and postage costs
  • Accurate and timely invoicing

Our Mission in Action

Michelle found Bayaud Enterprises after she acquired a brain injury in a serious accident. She was questioning if she could ever work again, after having to completely relearn almost everything including how to put on make-up and how to drive.

With Bayaud’s help, Michelle learned she could indeed have gainful employment although it might look a little different than before. Michelle just celebrated her 1-year anniversary with Bayaud and 8 months working in the VA Hospital mailroom – one of the many contracts we have through our different business solutions.

Michelle says she stills struggles with focusing on the job when there are distractions and that multi-tasking is a thing of her past. But she expressed feeling good about the work she was now able to do.