For many, holiday festivities enjoyed with families and friends are something they look forward to. For others, this time of year can bring on increased anxiety, depression, worsen stress and negatively affect sleep. Less sunshine and more expectations make winter and particularly the holidays a challenging time for many.

We did some research and want to share a few tips for those who struggle with the holidays.

Self Care: Warm baths, tea, a good book, a walk in the sunshine, spending time with a few close friends who understand you, journaling or making art.

Mindfulness: Another form of self-care; taking time for meditation can help calm the mind. If you are looking for a resource, the University of Southern California created a Mindfulness Toolkit featuring free mindfulness practices, like guided meditations for beginners.

Stay in Therapy: Just because this time of year is busier and money is tighter doesn’t mean you should cancel your therapy sessions; you need the support.

Expectations: Try to set realistic expectations of yourself and those around you. Don’t spend time comparing yourself to others as it will never make you feel happy. Be realistic about people and your different relationships. Just because it is the holidays not everything will shine.

And if you are one of those that the holidays make you happy and warm, consider reaching out to a quieter friend, volunteering, or making a meal for a less fortunate family.

Community Resources for Thanksgiving Meals/Food

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Community Resources for Christmas Food/Toys

Bayaud hosts a Holiday party each year for all clients/customers/participants and their children and grandchildren. The party is on December 1st this year. RSVP’s are required so please contact your Bayaud representative for more information about how to register for this fun event.