A twelve-year-old partnership that began in 2007 is still gowing strong. It started with Caring for Colorado approaching Bayaud Enterprises with a request to assemble dental kits for the newly forming Cavity Free at Three project. The mission of this initiative is to eliminate early childhood tooth decay in Colorado’s Children. Research shows that tooth decay is the number one chronic health disease of children. (http://www.coprevent.org/2017/08/new-research-supports-cavity-free-at.html). The Cavity Free at Three kits puts , materials for an infant oral health exam, family toothbrushes and toothpaste and education into the hands of health providers and families to   help prevent or reduce early childhood tooth decay, particularly for those most at risk for early childhood dental disease..

Lonnie Schwindt, who joined Bayaud in 2004 as Facilities and Project Manager, conducted a time study, researched pricing, products and figured out distribution for the kits . With a decision to move forward, Bayaud started kit assembly in 2008. The Colorado Trust, Rose Community Foundation, The  Colorado Health Foundation, Caring for Colorado, Kaiser Permanete and Delta Dental Foundation of Colorado provided seed funding for supplies and to pay the temporary employees, which made it possible for the first order of kits to be shipped to trained health provdiers free of charge.

Ten years later Bayaud has expanded Cavity Free at Three  into a successful micro enterprise. On January 23, 2019, Bayaud celebrated assembling over 165,000 kits with a total sales of $1,000,000.

Not only has this small enterprise been a successful partnership with Colorado Non-Profits, Colorado funders and the State, but it has been an incredible opportunity for us to be able to have onsite work adjustment for temporary employees which has allowed us to evaluate their work and skills. All of these factors lead up to Bayaud’s larger goal of helping individuals find employment which brings additional opportunities for self-reliance.