Described as a servant leader, David Henninger is truly the definition of this term. He is someone who places the interests and needs of others ahead of his own self-interests and needs. In his career spanning over 45 years, David’s fierce advocacy for marginalized individuals has resulted in the success of Bayaud Enterprises. Bayaud employs over 270 individuals many of whom experience a significant disability and sometimes are experiencing homelessness. With his long tenure at Bayaud, David continues to find creative and innovation marketing and vocational opportunities for people who with barriers to employment.

David is a rare nonprofit leader and manager who combines a warm heart for people in need with savvy head for operating a self-sustaining business. He has created programs that give clients a “hand up.” As one of the founding members of the Colorado Nonprofit Association, David’s dedication to the industry makes him a highly sought-after board member and advisor. He shared his expertise as a teach at Regis University and has mentored countless non-profit leaders in the area that include facilitation advisory councils, starting social enterprises, management, ethical leadership, and community advocacy. David’s humility, grace and incredible intellect have been a gift to Colorado. Despise his huge success, he remains a true servant leader.

Reprinted from the 2018 National Philanthropy Day in Colorado Luncheon