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Bayaud Logo Mark


  1. I love that I get to advocate for people who don’t always get listened to.
  2. I love that my supervisors have my back when I advocate for people.
  3. I love that we provide affordable shredding.
  4. I love the people I work with and for.
  5. I love our participants.
  6. I love the challenges I face on the job.
  7. I love learning new things that I can use to grow in my job.
  8. I love getting up in the morning and knowing that the work I do helps make a better community for all.
  9. I love the passion for public service, social justice, and promoting equality that is present here at Bayaud.
  10. I love applying a trauma informed lens to the benefits, processes, and systems that are meant to help people meet their goals.
  11. I love that we see people and appreciate them for who they are – because everyone deserves that regardless of their circumstances.
  12. I love the people I work with.
  13. I love that I feel supported and cared for.
  14. I love that we can laugh and cry together.
  15. I love the people I get to meet.
  16. I love connecting people to services.
  17. I love being a small part of Bayaud’s mission.
  18. I love the sense of community in this type of work.
  19. I love what I do because I know how scary and confusing the system can be for the families we serve and what a long way a smile can go.
  20. I love developing programing based on participant and staff requests and ideas.
  21. I love knowing that I can be a part of the equation in stabilizing someone’s life.
  22. I love making sense of the things that don’t make sense.
  23. I love our mission.
  24. I love that we make a difference in the community.
  25. I love our diversity
  26. I love seeing and knowing the participants. They really are the best part of my day.
  27. I love working with people with disabilities and making things for them just a little bit easier.
  28. I love how appreciative the people we work with are.
  29. I love seeing how many people we help.
  30. I love how helpful everyone here is.
  31. I love the way we are able to advocate for the populations we serve.
  32. I love the impact I have.
  33. I love that I am proud of the organization I work for.
  34. I love the programs and opportunities we have.
  35. I love the stories I get to hear.
  36. I love seeing human resilience in action.
  37. I love being able to offer valuable services to people.
  38. I love that my job makes good use of my talents.
  39. I love the flexibility we offer when it is needed.
  40. I love that we are able to provide jobs to people facing employment hurdles.
  41. I love how much we do with very little.
  42. I love that I have a job.
  43. I love how agile and resourceful we are as an organization.
  44. I love that we meet people where they are and create individual support plans.
  45. I love the opportunity to tell someone who has never heard of us what Bayaud does.
  46. I love seeing people take advantage of an opportunity we helped them to find.
  47. I love the challenge of coming up with new ways to help people.
  48. I love that working at Bayaud, I have never had to apologize for my disability.
  49. I love hearing from our participants that they are happy to be here.
  50. I love being able to refer people to Bayaud knowing that they will be taken