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AbilityOne is a Federal employment program for people living with significant disabilities that create major barriers to employment.  Employing over 45,000 individuals across the country, AbilityOne is one of the largest sole source providers of employment for persons with disabilities.  Bayaud Enterprises is one of over 500 non-profit providers that manage and operate these Federal contracts while providing ongoing supports and accommodations to the workers that it employs through the program.

These opportunities are administrative in nature and include roles such as janitorial, security, warehousing, mail room, helpdesk/switchboard operations, IT support and other administrative support roles. However, these positions are more than just jobs. For people with barriers to employment, these trades are the means to self-reliance and a productive, purposeful life.

How it Works

The program has an open bid system where participating nonprofits across the country can bid to win government contracts. Bayaud Enterprises bids on the federal contracts available in the Denver region, and if we win them, we then train and support the workforce who will fulfill the contract’s staffing requirements.

Our Success

Over the last twenty years, we have placed thousands of people in these federal jobs who were then able to find gainful, sustainable employment in the public sector because of the skills and experience they gained through a the AbilityOne program.

Currently, we have 120 people working in AbilityOne jobs. But unlike other agencies who may place someone in a job and then walk away, Bayaud Enterprises provides ongoing support to these workers to make sure that they have the means to continue to be successful in their role and remain employed.

Because of our ongoing support and dedication to the long-term success of people with barriers to employment, our people take pride in their work and provide competent service and we have maintained our SourceAmerica government contracts for over 20 years. Our job sites include:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Veterans Administration Hospital in Denver (VA)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • S. Mint, Denver
  • S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command
  • GSA
  • Federal Highways

The broad economic impact of this program ripples through the entire Colorado community as many of the people we place into these jobs are the economic engine of their family.

Support Services Make All the Difference

People with mental and physical disabilities need support services in order to successfully stay in a job. For example, someone in one of the SourceAmerica jobs might need assistance to find affordable housing, access to medical care, a disability support group, peer support, or other community services. Without access to these resources, they will likely lose their job, which is why Bayaud doesn’t just place people in a job and walk away. We create support around the person to ensure that they can maintain their employment.

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