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Thank you to both George Arguello and Mary Page for the years of dedication, hard work, flexibility and fresh ideas over the many years of service.

George Arguello

George Arguello arrived at Bayaud in 1987 as a breath of fresh air, which we may or may not have been ready for!  He had a great business sense. He’d been a coal miner and a foreman, and knew the value of hard work, organization, meeting deadlines and production standards.  He began supervising a small group of Bayaud workers at a company called CPC on South Evans.  Soon after, he became the Production Supervisor at Bayaud Central. George brought a keen eye for work flow, arranging the workspace and streamlining processes. He and Dave DeLay helped transform our thinking from “please give us work” to “we can provide excellent work for you”!  Our customers began to see us as a real business, and we also began to see ourselves in that way! In 2002 Bayaud was offered an opportunity to begin a document destruction business, and of course, George was the person to make this happen!  He set up shop and almost immediately began increasing our customer base, joining leads groups and making the shredding shop run like clockwork. What folks don’t always see in George is his dedication to the participants and their goals. He taught, corrected, taught again, praised, helped, respected and held accountable the folks who worked with him.  He knows not to expect too little from our workers – and always gives them an opportunity to show what they could do.  Even as Vice President of Shredding Operations, George always had time to go into the shop and work side by side with our folks each week.  He liked the “hands on” feeling of working and making things happen. Thank you George! Enjoy your retirement!

Mary Page

“Never can say Goodbye” could be the theme for Mary Page’s retirement.  Mary left Bayaud for a brief period a long time ago, and returned – prompting the agency to make a policy on returning employees and gaps in service for benefit purposes.  It is still called the “Mary Page Rule”.    She’s also moved in and out of departments over the years, rising to the need – financial or programmatic.  So we’ve had a little practice with Mary “leaving” parts of Bayaud and landing in others.  But this time, it’s for real.  After 45 (Yes, 45) years of working with or for Bayaud, Mary will be closing the door on this chapter of her life, and moving on to her true calling – Ski Bum!  This year, Mary and her husband, Luke, will be free to ski wherever the snow takes them.  We cannot possibly enumerate all the ways in which Mary has impacted the people with whom she has worked.  The participants are always her first priority – the one “goodbye party” she would agree to have, was with them!  Mary’s co-workers (some of whom she supervised – standing along-side, not in front of) always felt like they had Mary as a friend – she slipped birthday cards into people’s mailboxes and remembered just about everyone’s children’s names!  Mary became the voice (and sometimes the face) of Bayaud for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, and other referral agency’s personnel. They all knew they had a “go to” at Bayaud.  Mary has been a gentle leader, a warm smile, a voice of knowledge and experience, an infectious laugh, a tender heart, and an advocate you would always want in your corner! We “Never can say Goodbye”, but we will say: Vaya Con Dios, See Ya’, Happy Trails to You, So Long-Farewell-Auf Wiedersehen, Aloha, TTFN, Best Wishes and Shalom!